Sports are an integral part of our lives. Because we need sports to develop our minds and talents. Moreover, it is important to do sports to keep the body healthy. We should always take some time out to play. Because it will keep us healthy. Now the thing is that there are different types of games in the country. The rules of each game are different and the tools are different.

So items related to different types of sports are called sports items. Without these items the game is not complete. At present, the spread of sports is widespread all over the world. Not only in the development of intellect and thinking, but sports has also become a profession of the people. Moreover, sports helps to build people’s patience. Here is a brief overview on what kind of game you need to play.

1. Cricket: Cricket is a very popular sport. Its popularity is very high all over the world. The Cricket World Cup is held every 4 years. And everything related to this game is useful. Balls and wooden bats obstructed by leather are basically the most important objects. In addition, stamps, bells, gloves, pads, jerseys, trousers, helmets, sneakers, shoes, etc., many other types of safety items are used with this game.

2. Football: Football is a thousand times more popular than cricket. There is no region of the world where football has not reached. Its triumph everywhere. Supporters can shed even tears for their favorite team. The most important thing for playing this football is football which is made of a combination of leather and rubber and it is played by the feet. Also need football socks, socks, pads, jerseys, shorts, trousers, gloves for the goalkeeper and a timer watch and whistle for the referee. The game attracts millions of spectators.

3. Tennis: Football is not as popular as cricket, but tennis is no less popular. Fans of the game are the world’s top cricketers and footballers. The main requirement for this game is a tennis ball made of rubber and a racquet to beat this ball. There are also shoes, socks, trouser jerseys. Many people like to wear armbands while playing. There is also a net to divide the playground into two parts. The player from both sides tries to throw the ball to the side of the opponent.

4. Badminton: Badminton is another fun sport. It is a popular sport in the Olympics. Much like tennis, its equipment is different. The players try to throw the bird feathers and the cork made of rubber by badminton to the side of the opponent. This racket is made of aluminum and his or yarn. With it. Cork. Items like jersey trousers, suede, armband, towel, timer watch, flute etc. are also involved in this game.

5. Volleyball: Volleyball is a very popular sport. A net divides the field into two parts and the player tries to throw a light ball into the other end with the help of his hand, which looks like a football, and fights for survival. Net, volleyball, sneakers, anklets, armbands, headbands, etc. are the main tools of this whim.

6. Hockey: Hockey rules are like football but its equipment is different. The team gains one point when a small ball is inserted into the goalpost on the other side by a curved stick. The main equipment in the game includes a hockey stick, ball, sneakers, jersey, trousers, and the goalkeeper’s extra uniform and pads to protect against hockey injuries.

7. Table Tennis: It is a domestic sport. Like tennis, however, it is played on a table.

8. Chess: This game is called intelligent game. This is the game of kings. There are 32 cocoons on each side, 16 each, and 64 white and black squares.

9. Puzzles: A fun game that includes puzzles and indoor games. Giant designs are made with puzzles of many types and shapes.

Conclusion: There are thousands of types of indoor and outdoor games. The game carries the culture of one country to another. Again some games bring pride to the country. There is a difference in equipment with each type of game.