People of all races always fantasize about belonging to live on their own. From ages individuals has possessed land of their own. In ancient times, when human beings made use of to live in the caverns, the made use of to mark their caverns with signs to make sure that no one else can take over it. But because of the continental drift and glacial epoch, people were forced by nature to move to other locations. While moving they utilized to take rest or stay when the weather was bad in temporary caves or under huge trees. They utilized to mark them as well. After people found out to construct residences out of the wood stick and also animal skins or tree leaves, some of them started to trade their primitive residences for various other items, such as food, stone weapons or even jewelry. Yet those camping tent like homes confirmed extremely weak against powerful wind or hefty rainfall. So, humans began making use of logs as well as bamboo instead of sticks. Which provided stability versus the wind. There was no idea of rooms back then. All the family members utilized to stay together.

Old Romans were the initial to place a layout of the modern-day real estate design consisting of more than one room. They made use of wood logs, timber slabs, stone blocks. The kings of the Roman as well as Egypt utilized to built their palaces with large rock blocks.

The exchange of land, houses is a very old personalized in our human being. In contemporary ages, this property organization has grown very swiftly. People are willing to buy all set made apartments, homes or perhaps land. With ajkerdeal you can purchase home, flat or residence online in Bangladesh.

Purchase Land/ Residential Property

Trading of land is not brand-new in Bangladesh. Individuals are exercising this business before Bangladesh, prior to Pakistan even before the British or Mughals. But in old times, there was a high opportunity of being ripped off. There was a lot of loopholes in the agreements, there were loopholes in the legislation too. One party utilized to market various other event’s home without them knowing. As well as the owner and the buyer of the residential property both needed to endure. Now you do not have to stress over that. You can see the cost of land in Bangladesh and can purchase them with no inconvenience. Trading of land has ended up being much easier currently. Before you needed to wait on the enrollment of the land for a long period of time, often also for months. Now you can have the enrollment done within a week or much less. To make it a lot more simple we are offering you the complete information and also procedure online.


Apartment is called a component of a home with more than one room, at the very least one commode and also one cooking area. Though selling and buying of flats are brand-new concepts in our country, it is becoming a growing number of preferred day after day. And also people want to acquire a ready made level. Based on this desire of individuals, real estate sector has actually proliferated in our nation over the last 10 years. Usually the price is based on dimension and interior of the level. The dimension is taken with square feets. And also the cost is billed for each and every square feet. There are two type of flats that are being sold our country. One is a new level, which is a company or a person develops a new structure as well as starts to offer the apartments. As well as various other kind is utilized level. The level where individuals made use of to live but they moved out and also the proprietor has actually offered the flat. There is also a treatment of registration for acquiring a level which is also can be done within 7 working days. As well as this has also been a factor for real estat’s popularity. Ajkerdeal has actually made this treatment much easier. You do not need to await an ad or notice of sell. You can quickly see and get flats online in BD.


Home is a structure that is made for human habitation and it has a ground floor and also can have extra floors over. People are staying in the houses from the beginning of human background. First in the caves, then in the outdoor tents homes then in stone house and progressively came modern house. Human uses residence for sanctuary, safety and security, convenience and also rest. Every human has a dream of a house of his own. To meet your desire, ajkerdeal is giving you an option to buy a house online in BD. acquiring a home is not a very easy task. You have to locate a house, gather all the details, try to find the paper works. But ajkerdeal is minimizing all these inconveniences from your shoulder. You just need to go online and also select your desire house.