Perfume is a kind of fragrance made with essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent. Body spray is also one kind of perfume. Buy women’s & men’s perfume in Bangladesh on AjkerDeal online shop at a cheap price. Perfume Price in Bangladesh. Buy online Axe, Adidas, Nivea & He branded perfume at cheap price.

Everybody wants to make an impression at first glance. Perfume is not only a fragrance but it also shows people’s personality. If you want to be memorable in her heart, picking the right perfumes or cologne is the first step in getting there.

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The most popular brands of are Set wet, He power, Combo 4, Al Haramain Badar, Nevia men, Chris Adam, CK be Eau De, Devid Barkham, Al Haramain Forever, Al Haramain Amber, Jam Jam Al Nuaim, Swiss Ferdus Al Nuaim, Fogg, Axe, Engage, White London, Al Nuaim Alisha, Al Nuaim Naznin, Al Nuaim X, Acai Berry,  Acai Berry, Signature, dark Ever, Clariss, Nautica, Jovan, Yardley, Hogo, Assure, X-Men, Davidoff, Al Mansur, Accent, Cobra, and Jaguar. There is some popular perfume fragrance like Woody, Citrus, Gourmand, Floral, fruity, green, Oceanic, spices, oriental and aquatic, etc.