Food and drink are not necessarily the same in the direction of life, as is the number of people who are just a little food lovers. Especially we are a little more hospitable than the Bengalis, so for the guests, many people like to keep sweet, curd, chocolate, fruits in the house. And the festival means that there are many different types of food in the house of Bengali. And to make this arrangement easier, today’s biggest online shopping mall in Bangladesh has come with the online store of food and beverage products. Cakes for a birthday, chocolates for kids and adults, a variety of food items and drinks, sweet and other interesting things are present in the coconut!

Food and Beverage – AjkerDeal’s name is a separate shopping category. This category has been arranged – Baby food, sweets, curd, honey, cakes, chocolate and candies, jams, jellies and pickles, dry food/snacks, drinks and beverages, fruits, oils, ghee and spices, fish and shoots and much more. In Bangladesh, online food and beverage products, such as milk, cereal, and various types of sweets, yogurt, cakes, and fruits are particularly popular. Some popular brands like Nido, Dano, Cow & Gate, Nestle, Cerelac, Johnson & Johnson etc are in the case of baby food.


Dal is one of the most common and most popular terms in the Bengali food list. Many people may not be able to make a dent in the satisfaction of eating if they do not have lentil in their end sheet. There are different varieties of pulses, namely: Red lentil pulses, Mashkalai pulses, Khesari pulses, Arahar pulses. Buy Dal or Lentil online in bd Now