There are lots of benefits of using nonstick cookware in day to day kitchen life — it not only allows food to release easily from the pan but also it’s easy to clean. However, it is very important that you properly maintain your nonstick cookware to ensure it lasts more than a year or two.

Nonstick cookware

A nonstick saucepan can also be useful for cooking rice or making custards, allowing for easy cleanup.

Using your nonstick cookware in the manner that the manufacturer intended will help keep your cookware in the best condition:

  • Do not preheat an empty pan. Nonstick cookware is usually made of aluminum, which heats faster than heavier, denser stainless steel. Add a little bit of oil to the pan first (enough to lightly coat the surface), and preheat it for a few seconds before adding the food.
  • Nonstick spray contains lecithin, which will eventually make your nonstick surface gummy.
  • Use only low or medium heat on nonstick cookware. 
  • Avoid using metal utensils on a nonstick cooking surface. Instead, use wooden spoons, nylon, plastic or silicone-coated utensils. 
  • Some nonstick cookware is oven-safe, but many brands are not. Check the manual.
Nonstick Cookware

How to take care of Nonstick Cookware: 

Your nonstick cookware should last two to three years if you care for it appropriately.

  • Use a soft sponge to clean the cookware with dish liquid.
  • Try to use lukewarm water to clean the dish wash.
  • Avoid harsh, rough cleaning surfaces.
  • Can use baking soda to clean the surfaces.
  • Put a layer of paper towels between each pan.