In spite of being propelled in 1999, the Nokia 3310 is as yet a prominent easy to understand cell phone. It conveys all the essential capacities, yet with no Bluetooth, Camera or Video highlights, it is moderately fundamental contrasted with different phones available nowadays. The Nokia 3310 can’t contrast with present-day phones due with the absence of highlights, and it is likewise reprimanded by the customer for its looking backdated or unfashionable.

Nokia 3310: A Reminder of Old School Classic Look

Do Nokia 3310 support WhatsApp?

No, WhatsApp doesn’t run in Nokia 3310. You may state this is the general purpose of owning a retro telephone; however, you’ll need to return to messaging on this. The S30+ working framework the Nokia 3310 keeps running on doesn’t run applications like WhatsApp, despite the fact that it has an exceptionally essential internet connection.

How long does the Nokia 3310 battery last?

The first model’s battery life was extraordinary, yet the new 3310 puts it to disgrace. It offers an unprecedented 22 hours of talk time off a solitary single charge, which is ten times enhancement and will continue running for 31 days in standby mode.

Is the new Nokia 3310 indestructible?

I was trying out the new Nokia 3310 and needed to check whether it could satisfy the indestructible notoriety of its forerunner. The first Nokia 3310, propelled in 2000, was great of now is the right time. This was some time before the smartphone era started. There was no camera, no Wifi, not, in any case, a color screen. But unfortunately, Nokia 3310 is not indestructible.

The point is if anyone wants to have a phone which has been appreciated by lots of people at one time and you want that classic look again you can definitely go for Nokia 3310. Check out the details price and warranty information of Nokia 3310. This phone’s battery is good and will last long while on call. I think it’s totally worth to try the new one after a long long time.