Nail polish can add feminity to your every style statement. Set yourself full ready with a nail polish that suits every occasion. A good quality nail polish will bring a touch of heaven on your nails. Shiny, natural look colorful nail polish makes your hand more beautiful and more attractive. With a proper application, nail polish stays long on your nails. It will be fine if you remove your nail polish with remover on a regular basis. But if you want to wear it for a long time, you can avail it for up to 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you should remover the nail polish from your nails to protect your nail enamel.  Always try to choose nail polish which is made from natural resin, which has good tenacity. Try to buy environment-friendly nail polish with healthy ingredients, low smell, and nontoxic chemicals.

Nail Polish

Please read carefully the manufacture. Try to choose DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free nail polish every time. The brush must be flat for easy application. You can coat your nail twice for getting the dark color. Otherwise, one coat is appropriate. If you have a good quality of nail polish with fully opaque,  then you have no need for a base coat.  Recently the nail polish trend is color change nail polish. Nail polish color may change as your body temperature changes. High-quality nail polish may price high but always try to purchase the high-quality nail polish because of its density produces a shiny mirror effect for your nails. It will provide fantastic and super bright nails to you. It will provide your nails with a natural shiny look.  You will get gorgeous, long-lasting color with a radiant, flawless finish without fading. It will dry very fast.

Nail polish is suitable for every occassion like private or professional. Nail polish is such a traditional cosmetics item which make your nails more charming to others. It enhances the total ultimate beauty of your fingers and toes. If you would like to have thin and crystal clear color base , then only to apply one or two layer is enough. But for  more obvious and dark colorful effect, please try to apply three layers or more, to achieve the effect what you want. But two layer is always preferable. You should go for a very good brand, that you can trust for your nails. keep your nails healthy always by wearing chemical free, healthy nail products. 

Nail Poish

The gel nail polish with glitter may be a little thick. You should cover a thin layer evenly to avoid extra thickness and stickiness.  It is required to use with base and topcoat. Only move your fingers and toes and watch the magical effect as these gel polish shades may dazzle your eyes. It also offers you a nail art experience. The gel-based nail polish can stay on your nails up to two weeks with proper application, without peeling. Always try to remember to cap the free edge when you apply the gel. Many women love the gel nail polish as they last much longer than traditional nail polish. Gel types of nail polish do not chip, that is why you can keep it on your nails for week after week. You will only need to get it removed only when the nails grow out too far. 

There are lots of colors available. Some are sweets color and some are cool. You can choose the color according to your mood or clothing or the occasion for which you want to color your nails. Each and every color is appealing, pretty, trendy and charming. Now is the trend of nail lacquer. Nail lacquer is also a type of nail polish. But the difference is like nail polish is applied on the nails to make them shiny and natural look, whereas nail lacquer is a solution which is thicker in comparison to nail polish. Nail lacquers add thickness to the nails. It adds additional coating layer to the nail. But both nail polish and nail lacquer are applied to the human fingernail or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates.  The ultimate goal is to decorate and to color the nails to make those more attractive with colors. Nail lacquer is quite easy to apply just like nail polish but much more durable. The best part of nail lacquer us that it can soak completely off in 15 to 20 minutes. Nail lacquer is easy to remove without any harmful effects on nails. 

Nail Polish

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