By women’s fashion we usually mean girls’ fashion items. In today’s world girls are very fashion conscious. Constantly new products are being produced depending on their fashion. Not just clothing, but cosmetics, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, bags, etc. are all part of women’s fashion. These items of new design are constantly coming in the market and fashion conscious women are trying to stay updated with the times. Bangladeshi girls are no less fashion conscious. Depending on their tastes, these fashion industries are constantly bringing new products to the market.

Women’s fashion items :.

Saree: Bengali women cannot go without saree . There are many types of this saree . People of one type of taste like to wear one type of saree . Also every Eid or Puja a large quantity and many designs of sarees are imported.

Cotton saree  is the top choice of women among all sarees. Because it is as soft as it is comfortable to wear. Can be worn effortlessly in any season.

Silk sarees are very popular among women. saree  of this type of fabric is mainly preferred by women for any social occasion.

Jamdani saree  is a symbol of nobility. Jamdani saree  is the first choice of women in weddings, yellow or big events. The price of Jamdani saree is also a little higher than other sarees.

Salwar kameez and kurti: Salwar kameez or kurti is the most preferred garment for women. Salwar kameez usually has 3 parts. Salwar which has to be wear below, kameez which has to be wear on top and orna. But the only type kameez that is made in a sophisticated design with no other parts is called  kurti. It is also one of the favorite clothes of girls. It is also a very fashionable dress. Girls with sophisticated tastes like to wear it. It is made using many types of fabrics including cotton, georgette, silk etc. But cotton is the most preferred because its fabric is very soft and comfortable.

Cosmetics: The girls do not go without cosmetics. Because as the weather changes, so does our skin. So cosmetics are needed to protect the skin from these situations. Moreover, girls like to wear make-up for various occasions, as a result of which the demand for cosmetics is constantly increasing.

Bags: Bags are one of the most popular fashion items for girls. We all have to keep some important things with us when we go out from the house. Which makes it very important to keep a bag with you. The same girls try to be fashionable and unique in terms of bags. Be it a shoulder bag or a purse.

Shoes: Shoes are deeply involved in women’s fashion. Everyday new design shoes always have different tastes so everyone tries to keep their fashion conscious in terms of shoes.

Pants: Pants of various types and beautiful designs are available in the market for men as well as women. From jeans to leggings, palazzo, nice designs and eye-catching pants of various types and colors are now available.

T-shirts and shirts: There is no pair of t-shirts to stay comfortable in this summer at home. So there are also t-shirts with beautiful designs for women. Can be wear comfortably anywhere outside the house. In addition, women wear formal shirts and a lot of fashion to wear in the office. Corporate women are quite comfortable to present themselves in these dresses.

Muslim Fashion: Muslim women generally like to keep themselves into cover. For going out, they like to wear burqa, scarf, hijab like islamic dresses. So nowadays burqa hijab scarves of various designs are available in the market. Which introduces them to modern tastes.

Conclusion: In today’s world, women are far ahead in terms of fashion. Women are more fashion-conscious than men. The companies that make these fashion products are constantly trying to update them.