Household Products & Appliances Shopping Online in Bangladesh

We need a lot of modern home appliances for a comfortable living; and AjkerDeal offers the most exclusive collection of home appliances in Bangladesh. If you visit our Site, you will be amazed to see the versatile collection of these products.

Buy Most Modern Electronic Appliances:

On our Home Appliance section, we have electronic appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, fan, telephone set, ironing boards etc. We have best quality LED, LCD & Curved televisions on our Site for online shopping in BD. We also have small portable televisions. There are single-door, double-door, triple-door fridges with different capacities on our Site.

Buy Cleaning Instruments:

For cleaning, you will find cleaners, hose pipes, insect repellents, scratch removers & so on;our magic hose pipes are very popular among the customers; we have extendable 50ft & 100ft hose pipes.

Buy High Quality Accessories for Your Bathroom:

Toilet accessories include soap dispenser, toothpaste dispenser, water heater, toothbrush holder, bathroom fittings i.e., waterproof tissue paper holder, shower head, mixer tap, wash basin etc.