Winter is knocking at the door. And the temparature is falling fast day by day at the season of late autumn in Bangladesh. This is especially true in the northern part of Bangladesh  it’s already lowing temparature. In winter their sufferings in winter has no bound.

Bangladeshi people prefer warm foods at their meals.  As much as the temperature drops, also the body needs extra calories to keep itself warm and healthy. But in winter it is quite tough to keep the food warm after cooking.  Luckily, there’s something that will keep warm our meal on the very coldest days.  Those utensils are called as casserole hotpot.

Using hotpot provides good thermal mass, and isn’t a conductor so won’t cool off quickly.  To keep the food hot you need to take into consider two major factors. One is thermal mass and another is heat conduction. Hotpot casserole has the capacity of doing both of these. But there is a rule of thumb :  the heavier the pot, the better its heat retention.  Hotpot casserole can be used also as serving dishes. 

Not only you can be used it as your home, but also you can take it with yourself when you will go for winter picnics, or will be traveling a long distance in cold weather. You can carry your food in hotpot cassrole and your food will keep warm.  


So, today we have discussed very useful tips for keeping food warm in the winter. Now you have no tension about how to keep food warm in winter after cooking or in case of going outside in winter.

Hotpot Casserole

I think now is the great time to make planning your next winter trip in Bangladesh.  Of course! You can bring your home made foods and it will keep warm after hours. You can use it to bring food from home for office lunch. Also you can give tiffins to your children on small sizes hot pot casserole at any season. No need to hire it from your neighbour. There are a variety of hotpot on Ajkerdeal. Price is so reasonable. You can buy at your own.