Due to the dry air in winter, our hair also becomes dry and rough. Besides, the effect of external dust also falls on the hair. As a result, various problems ranging from dandruff to hair can be seen. However, it is possible to keep yourself away from these problems if you are careful.

In winter, there is a lack of moisturizer in the hair due to natural causes. In addition to losing moisture in the hair, the problem is further aggravated by the use of a dryer or hair treatment. As a result, the hair becomes dry. When the roughness increases, the hair looks unkempt. The problem of dandruff is exacerbated in winter as the scalp becomes dry. Mix half a cup of yogurt with two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey in a blender to remove dandruff. Leave it for an hour and remove the shampoo. Lemon and yogurt keep hair dandruff free, on the other hand, honey moisturizes the hair and scalp both.

Different Hair Packs for Hair Care in Winter

The best thing about a hair pack is that it nourishes the hair in a very short time. Hair packs properly condition the hair, bring glow, reduce roughness, keep the hair hydrated, and also increase the length of the hair. So hair masks play a very important role in the solution, especially in winter.

Hair becomes better in winter if you use different types of packs for different types of hair. Here are some hair packs for different hair types –

Hair Packs for Oily Hair

Mix the lemon juice well with the egg whites and place it in a container. The mixture should be mixed very well. If desired, this mixture can be mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil and one cup of coconut milk.

Apply this mixture from the roots to the ends of the hair with your fingers and leave it for half an hour and then wash it off. This mixture is extremely beneficial for hair. It nourishes the hair as well as moisturizes it from the very beginning.

Hair Packs for Dry Hair

Olive oil is very beneficial for dry hair. Because it acts as a natural conditioner for dry hair, it also reduces the dryness of the scalp. Mix one tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of brown sugar in a bowl well and apply from the roots to the ends of the hair. After twenty minutes, the hair should be washed and shampooed.

Some More Tips on Winter Hair Care

  • Many people are seen losing their hair in winter. Lightly heat the oil and castor oil together to prevent this hair fall. When it cools down, break the vitamin-E capsule in it or mix the egg yolk and apply it to the hair. This will stop hair loss.
  • It is not advisable to shampoo more than two to three days a week. Frequent use of shampoo makes the hair dry. Also, using a mild shampoo without chemicals is good for hair.
  • Massage the inside of the hair and the scalp with hot oil three days a week. Wash off after 30 to 40 minutes of massage. This massage helps hair to grow faster.
  • Apply sunlight on hair. Because vitamin D obtained from the sun helps in hair growth. At the same time, it also improves blood circulation in the head. In addition to these hair care, eat a balanced diet and plenty of water.
  • Before going to bed at night, you need to comb your hair well. This improves blood circulation to the brain. Increased blood flow to the brain will reduce hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles.


You need to start taking care of your hair before winter comes, it will not cause dandruff or rough hair in winter. You can style your hair according to your wish.