Are you suffering from the ongoing gas problem in Dhaka?  Gas crisis has been extremed level  in various areas of Dhaka city. It has been getting worse every day.  Gas shortage has created various problems in their lifestyle; it’s difficult to prepare home-cooked meals. You can manage your meals by purchasing restaurant meals three / four days. But how long you can be able to afford restaurent meal for uncertain period of time? It will also affects your physical health if you  will have those meals on a regular basis. So, you must have to choose alternative options for cooking and make your life healthier, tension free and easier. You can buy gas cylinders, electric rice-cookers, curry cooker or induction cookers. 


Alternative Options of Cooking During Gas Problem : 

Induction Cooker :

It can be the best choice for cooking. It will make our cooking time be shorter and need not to spend much money to run this smart kitchen appliance. It is a best frind of cooking master during this kind of scarcity of gas problem in city life. Easy to clean and maintain.  You can just wipe the surface down with a cotton fabrics or  sponge as soon as you’re done cookin. Induction cooktops don’t get very hot . Induction puts the heat exactly where you need it.  You can use stainless steel cooking ware for cooking and we can also use non stick cookware but it requires induction botttom base. The best part of this kitchen gadget is, it does not require the very expensive gigantic kitchen range hood. 

Multi Cooker :

Multi cooker is an electric kitchen appliance for automated cooking using a timer. It is able to boil, simmer, bake, fry, deep fry, grill roast.  It really is that simple and make your life simplier. It can assure you health and fast cooking. Easy to clean and maintain.  It is not expensive at all. Price range is affordable. Making meal in a multicooker is like a play. You don’t need to check the condition of cooking. It has automater timer. You will get notification of light after finishing of your cooking. 

Rice Cooker:

Although rice cookers are gaining in popularity in Bangladesh, I need not to introduce this kitchen gadget to you. I believe almost every family has a one rice cooker and each of the member are used to the gadget. Also we are quite familiar to the importance of this cookware. All of we are know that how to use it, how to maintain it. Cooking foods other than rice in a rice cooker is very common to us. Not only we can cook rice but also rice cooker helps to cook several dishes like Polau, Khichuri, Biriyani, Puding, Cake, Meat etc. I damn sure, you have this gadget. But if still don’t have, I request you to purchase a rice cooker for your family so that your homemaker can get relief from the pressure of cooking at the conditon of gas scarcity.

So, why are you waiting and thinking about how to cook when we have GAS SCARCITY in city life? Listen my audience, now we are belonging in a DIGITAL BANGLADESH and we need to think like digitally. So why are you getting late. Look at a galance on Ajkerdeal Kitchen applainces and place your order. Stay fresh, eat healthy. And finally enjoy the winter.