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USB Flash Drive

The most prominent and extensively made use of mobile storage gadget is USB flash drive. These drives are also known as pen drive or flash drive. They are small in size and also quite efficient for lugging and sharing data. There are numerous different type of USB flash drives. There are numerous versions too. The rate depends upon the USB variation. There is likewise OTG pen drive which utilizes mini USB. Utilizing micro USB has actually permitted the brand-new pen drive to get connected to your phones. On ajkerdeal you will certainly get several of the most effective pen drives. They are durable, fast and also stylish. So see our site and choose a flash drive and also order currently.


Computer system earphones are obtaining much more preferred day after day. Headphones are changing loudspeakers. Earphones are adjusted and also liked by mostly gamers, songs authors and even general individuals. With earphones you can appreciate the audio without annoying or causing any problems to others around you. You can get high quality video gaming headphones and normal computer system headphones on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal has a good collection of best quality headphones. They have good sound, they are durable and also fashionable. As well as the most integral part is you can access a practical rate.


Speakers are an extremely fundamental part of a modern-day computer. You can not believe of a computer without a speaker. Though people choose headphones yet the importance of speakers is undeniable. If you are planning a film evening or having a little celebration at your place there is nothing else alternative of speakers. There are speakers of different sizes and also ratios. Personal choice is also an issue for audio speakers. On ajkerdeal you will locate some of the most effective audio speakers in Bangladesh. You can use these with your PC, laptop computers, clever TELEVISION or perhaps with your phone. So check out as well as select what you really feel best for you and position an order. Your audio speaker will certainly be delivered to your place within 2-3 days.

Mouse/ Keyboard

Mouse and also keyboard are the two primary input tools of the contemporary computer. You can not use a computer system successfully without one of them. There are different type of mouse on ajkerdeal. You will find wired computer mouse. These computer mice are attached by means of USB ports. You will certainly also locate cordless computer mouse or bluetooth mouse. They do not need any type of cable. You can additionally locate some strong gaming computer mouse on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal additionally has a great collection of keyboards. You can find complete sized key-boards, mini keyboards, night keyboards, gaming keyboards as well as more. These keyboards are comfortable, sturdy, well-known as well as very much fashionable. So, choose one and position an order now on ajkerdeal.


Screen is the main and primary result gadget for a computer system. They are the computer system screen. Though you can make use of multimedia projector as opposed to a display. However monitors are utilized worldwide as the first choice of computer system display. As you need to operate the computer resting near the display, so it is very important that you obtain a good and also reduced reflective screen. By the development of screen technology, there are different screens available. Nearly all of them have a high resolution. You can set them in evening setting so that your eyes do not obtain stress while operating it in the evening or dark. Ajkerdeal has a wonderful collection of popular branded screen. So obtain one today for your computer. You can even utilize them as a display screen of DVR of your CC video camera system. Order screen on ajkerdeal.

Network Accessories

Network accessories help you to get attached to the web. Obtaining connected to the internet is very important in the modern age. There are some gadgets and also accessories that you will certainly require throughout establishing a network connection. Several of the most vital devices are, routers, modems, lan cards, Wi-fi receiver etc. router is a gadget that is utilized for producing a Wi-fi zone. On ajkerdeal you will discover several of the most effective routers in Bangladesh. These routers have a strong network as well as a wide range. You additionally will certainly locate Lan card. To connect the lan cable straight to your COMPUTER you have to need a LAN card. A lot of the motherboards have actually built in lan port yet occasionally it can be ruined. So, whenever you need a lan card, ajkerdeal is right here to supply. You likewise could need a WiFi receiver for your COMPUTER if you want to make use of Wi-fi in your desktop computer. Laptop computers have actually WiFi receivers constructed in however desktop computer COMPUTER needs an added gadget to attach to the WiFi. All these network devices are readily available on ajkerdeal. So select what you require as well as place an order now.

Printer/ Scanner/ Toner

If you are a pupil or a worker, you may need a printer. The printer is a sort of outcome tool. You can have text or pictures in published kind by using a printer. Printers are significantly important for mostly all walks of life. Students, offices, schools everyone requires printers. Ajkerdeal has a terrific collection of both inkjet and laser printers. You can select according to your demand and budget plan. With printers, you need some other things. You might require ink or toner. You can locate all these points on ajkerdeal.

Other Devices

You will certainly find some other essential computer system accessories on ajkerdeal. You will locate UPS on ajkerdeal. UPS are really crucial. It backs your desktop computer up during power failing which gives you adequate time to conserve your unsaved job. You will locate some finest UPS on ajkerdeal. You will certainly find some stylish and sturdy gaming covering. On ajkerdeal you will find some high quality USB hub on ajkerdeal. All these devices are readily available on So visit currently and position an order currently.

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