Task of a Laptop

Laptops can be used to exchange e-mails, stream video, browse websites, and use social networking sites. Office and study work is done through some office softwares. Special softwares are also used for arithmetic, writing, presentation creation and for education. You can also play various games and create games on gaming laptops. Any audio, video, or picture, etc. can be captured, edited, by a laptop.

Features of a Laptop

There are some special advantages to using a laptop compared to a desktop computer. However, it can never be said that the laptop can be an alternative to the desktop in all work. The advantage is that the laptop can be easily carried. Almost all desktop work can be done here on a laptop, low power consumption and less space. One of the main advantages of using a laptop is that it runs on batteries. However, as it is carried all the time, there is a risk of it being stolen and it can be damaged in an accident. Different parts of the laptop cannot be changed if you want. As a result, in many cases the laptop may not be updated.

Google Chromebook Laptop

Chromebooks are laptop or tablet that run through the Chrome Operating System. These laptops used to perform different tasks, such as using the Google Chrome browser. The Chromebooks which have been released since late 2017, Android apps also run through them.

The first Chromebook was a joint venture with Acer Inc. later Samsung began to ship in 2011. In addition to laptop models, A desktop version named Chromebox, was introduced in 2012. An “all-in-one” device by LG Electronics, was named a Chromebase was introduced in January 2014.

Description of some Chromebook are given below-

HP 14a-na0020nr Chromebook

The Operating Stystem of this laptop is Chrome OS. The display size is 14 inches with 2 Processor count. This laptop has a lot of Android apps available. This device runs with Chrome OS with security, simplicity and speed. The laptop has a responsive and sleek design. It also has a multi-touch touchpad and backlit keyboard that supports four finger gestures to set in a sleek design. In this laptop, an Intel processor is used. The stereo speakers are tuned by audio experts and has a long battery life. Moreover, the laptop has 4 GB LPDDR4-2400 SDRAM and 32 GB eMMC. 

Lenovo Chromebook S330

The Chromebook S330 has Chrome OS, 4 GB LPDDR3, a MediaTek MTK8173C Processor, and 64 GB emmC. The weight of this laptop is 3.3 pounds. It has 14-inch FHD display. This chromebook is perfect for day-to-day computing and using multimedia. It has emmC storage for quick boot-ups, LPDDR3 memory for multitasking, and fast software loading and additional 100 GB of cloud storage via Google Drive. The laptop has a micro SD slot, USB-C slot and a USB 3. 0 slot for an uninterrupted connectivity. It also has a 720p webcam, two 2W speaker systems and powerful 2 x 2 Wi-Fi ac with Bluetooth 4.1. Also, this

Chromebook is very easy to operate. It has built-in virus protection and has a long battery life. Just having a Google account can save maps, emails, pics, docs, and more in the cloud storage.

Samsung Chromebook XE310XBA-K02US

The laptop is very lightweight and compactly designed. It has a 11.6 inches display. The Chromebook has a military-grade durability. It has an ultra-fast connectivity with Gigabit Wi-Fi port. It has an advanced security system with multiple layers of built-in virus protection. It’s battery life is about 12.5 hours. The laptop has Chrome Operating system with . Google Assistant enabled in it. Its system Ram type is DDR4_SDRAM.


  1. What are Chromebooks good for? 

Answer: Chromebooks are best for them who needs to move around a lot. Chromebooks can be the best option for those who travels always. The Chromebooks are generally much lighter and thinner than traditional laptops, so this makes them much easier to transport.

  1. Is a Chromebook good for everyday use? 

Answer: Yes, a Chromebook is a good choice for everyday use. One can use it as a usual laptop. 

  1. What is the difference between a Chromebook and laptop?

Answer: A Chromebook is a budget-friendly alternative device to a Windows laptop or MacBook. The main difference between a Chromebook and other laptops is the operating system.

  1. Does Chromebook have USB? 

Answer: Yes, a Chromebook has USB ports and SD card slots available in it.  

  1. Can you play a CD on a Chromebook? 

Answer: As there is a slot for using a CD or DVD, one can play a CD easily on a Chromebook. But a ChromeOS user also can use an SD Card or External Hard drive.

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