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What gift card actually is? 

A gift card is basically a type of card where you can store your money. This card contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purposes. But mainly they are used for gift vouchers or gift tokens. Mainly these gift cards issued by a retail shop or a bank. The reason why these gift cards are being issued is in order to give the valuable customers of a particular company or organization. This is symbolized as a gift or a token of appreciation as well.   


How a gift card works-

You can consider gift cards as a form of prepaid debit cards that is loaded with funds for future use. So mostly gift cards can only be used by the organization or retailer to buy their products or a certain type of product. Best part is It can not be cashed out if you want it to be. If you think from the buyer’s point of view, a gift card is a gift. On the other hand if the seller would have given me a product that I might not need, if he gives me cash as a gift, it might be socially inappropriate. That is the reason the sellers came up with this great idea of gift cards. The popularity of gift cards are humongous around the world. Like other countries in Bangladesh also, it is getting popular day by day. That is why now you can buy your desired gift cards online in Bangladesh. We have a lot to offer in terms of gift cards. Nowadays gift cards are a thing. You should get some for your loved ones as well. Go check now the amazing variety we have to offer. 


Couple of things you need to know about gift cards-

Who does not love gifts? And who does not love gift cards? Gift cards are now a thing. Consumers love gift cards. You can give them to everyone, at every age. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to buy gift cards. 

  • Retails want you to use that card-  If you have a confusion that retailers do not want to use their card and another suspicion is common that they can keep the entire value. It is not true. Here in the gift card issue everything is percentage game. For example, if a consumer redeems a gift card a particular percentage will be spent which is mostly average of a particular percentage which will be more than card values. How crazy is this. So you must know that a gift card is not free money that you splurge a little bit. 
  • Storing gift cards on a phone is becoming more common- We all accept the fact that mobile phones make our life easy some or the other way. In the gift card situation nowadays more and more gift cards are being redeemed through mobile technology. In this way the storage part of gift cards are becoming easier. Also now there are some types of apps available that will allow shoppers to take a picture of the front of the cards and store it as well. It is the best way for a person. Because he or she can visually see the person and could glance quickly and can look at what he or she has. 
  • Gift cards are getting more secure- Previously, the uses of gift cards were as easy and simple as spending cash. But the problem was if unfortunately for some consumers, cards were also like cash in different ways. If accidentally the card got lost or stolen they are gone forever. But this is not the case in today’s time. Now thanks to the bank branded cards. Your gift card will be registered. Not only that, you can call the toll-free number or can also visit the website which will be listed on the back of the card. You will be provided by the supply card number and most likely the pin as well. You can check the expiration date by the card along with your name and address. So if you are investing in gift cards you do not need to worry. It is getting more secure day by day. 
  • You have to treat them gently-  At the end of the day it is a form of your own money. So you must take good care of it. You should be super careful when you are dealing with gift cards. Some gift cards have a scratch-off panel. If you use too sharp something the underneath number can be removed. So you should take good care of them. Not only is it a form of money but also it is a gift to somebody, or someone else gifted it to you. Gifts deserved to be taken care of.

These are some basic things you should keep in your mind if you are planning to get one for your loved one. Visit our site to see what type of amazing gift cards we have to offer to you. Go shop now!          


Types of gift cards available on the site- 

Of course, gift cards have a lot of variations. You can choose whatever you want for your loved one. We have a couple of types available on our site to offer you. I am mentioning some on them down below- 

  • Google Play Gift Card:

One of the most common gift cards is Google Play gift cards. Basically, it is an online distributor developed by the Google company itself. Hence It is the official application software store for the Android operating system only. The purpose of it is It allows android users to browse and download apps that were developed and published by google play. Apart from this It also offers television, books, movies, and music. Mostly the applications and services of google play id free, but there are some applications and services and to enjoy those you have to pay. In order to pay, you must have an international credit card or you can have a Google Play gift card and pay for those bills. Do not worry. We have the solution: you can now buy Google Play gift cards online in Bangladesh or you can also buy a Google Play gift card in order to give it to somebody. 

  • Netflix Gift Card:

Another commonly used and hyped gift card is Netflix gift card. Basically, Netflix is an American media and production company. Although the primary business of the company is streaming based subscription packs. You must know Netflix has over 145 million paid subscribers around the world. Also The subscription is a monthly based subscription system. Also you have to pay a certain amount of money in order to renew the subscription. Hence for this you will also need an international credit card. If you do not have that but have a NetFlix gift card, you can pay and enjoy the service. So go to our site now and buy Netflix gift cards online in BD from As teenagers are obsessed with netflix it can be a great gift idea as well. 

Other available gift cards/ why you should buy gift cards from us- 

We have a lot to offer. You need to go to our site in order to avail these amazing gift cards. We do provide NordVPN and Spotify gift cards on ajkerdeal. Also, We have Gaana+ gift cards. If you do not know Gaana+ is an online streaming music player originally from India. 

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