Introduction: The current world is completely dependent on computers. The demand for computers is increasing day by day. We can not imagine a day without a computer. Every day billions of people around the world are using computers. Because the world is useless without computers.

What is a computer? It is an integrated form of many digital devices. Each of these devices is called a computer accessory. Let’s learn about some of the important computer accessories.

1. Processor: The processor is called the heart of the computer. It consists of a combination of tiny millions or more chips. Computers are useless without a processor. Without the heart as we are dead. This is basically called CPU = Central Processing Unit. All the commands of the computer are controlled by the processor. Basically, if we do any work on the computer, the processor processes them and shows them on the display. The speed of the processor is determined by the clock speed.

2. Motherboard: The motherboard is used to set up all the components of a complete computer system. RAM, ROM, power supply, USB, all these external or internal devices are set on the motherboard and made suitable for work.

3. Ram: Ram is called temporary memory. Because if you give any command to the computer, the set is first stored in RAM and then it is processed. In addition, if you install various software, it is stored in RAM.

4. ROM: ROM = Read Only Memory. It is permanent memory. In this memory you can save your favorite movies, songs, pictures, important files. Hard disks, SSD, various types of disks, etc. are included in this type of memory.

5. Input and Output Devices: The input device is the device through which the command is given. Such as: mouse, keyboard, joystick, stick roll etc. And the devices through which the results of the work can be seen are called output devices. For example: monitor, printer etc.

6. Portable memory: If you need to move your important files from one place to another, you must not take the whole computer. Take your specific file. He needs a portable memory device. Pen drives are now the most popular in portable .divisions. The list also includes portable hard disks. However, since it is smaller and cheaper than a hard disk in the form of a pen drive, its acceptance is the highest.

7. Printer Scanner: If you need to print a soft copy stored on a computer on paper, you have to resort to a printer. And the job of a scanner is to convert a document printed on paper into a picture.

8. Monitor or projector: Monitor is the eye of the computer. Because we can see all our work on the monitor. I can give commands. All in all the computer is blind without a monitor. The computer will work but you will not see anything. And projectors are basically used to see a lot of people working together. For example, in a classroom, seminar or any other event, if one task needs to be shared by all, then the events triggered on the monitor are projected onto the huge screen of the projector so that everyone can see them together. It’s also fun to watch movies with friends or play games on the projector together.

9. Graphics card: Graphics card is mainly used to present the graphical part of the computer in a more beautiful way. People who play pictures, video editing, games are mainly dependent on graphics cards. Because it clearly shows the color or graphics of the picture or video.

10. Speaker: The speaker is a very important device for watching videos or listening to music on the computer. With this you can easily control the corpse. Now the proliferation of Bluetooth speakers has increased. So I can control all kinds of functions of the remote controller medium from one place.

Conclusion: In addition to the above accessories, there are many other types of network hardware accessories that are useful in certain cases. Moreover, various types of webcams, headphones are also part of computer accessories. You can collect these computer accessories as per your choice and need.