The necessity of electronic products has been intrinsic in everyday life. Allview perceived this growing need for developing a digitalized comfortable, smart and controlled house. Allview understood that this new era will be fundamentally shaped by technology. With this driving force, Allview has expanded in the field of electronics and household items. Their passion or technology has been reflected in their growth process. In this race of advancement, Allview conducted rigorous researches, tests, market analysis to fit in the competitive market of the high tech industry, understand the need of people and kept launching their new products.

Story of Allview

Allview started their journey in 2002, in Brasov, Romania, recognizing the need for smart households and dependency on modern amenities, and to establish in the field of electronics and household items on a long term basis. This foresightedness has brought the company into today’s position. The company has grown with a lot of tiny steps. Initially, they imported electronic and household appliances from Germany and later on they became manufacturers by forming their tow assembling lines of TVs and DVD players under the brand of allview. By introducing the first dual SIM phones Allview portfolio got a massive change in the market. 

The Allview, with its expert team, conducts meticulous research and works with the providers to create the best solutions for building innovative and more attractive devices. The company works with the best-known providers with the highest international marks to ensure the quality of the technology. After conducting countless tests done by our research and development team, the company has launched the most complex smart home system in Romania and has also grown tremendously in the production and selling of electronic products such as smartphones and tablets worldwide. 

Allview is passionate about technology and aspires to continue the extent of the product portfolio, as it has been doing in the previous years with its latest gadget development. Allview has made partnerships with the IT giants, like Windows and Google in the last few years. 


Allview entered the mobile phone manufacturing market in 2009 with the objective of the production and selling of electronic products such as smartphones and tablets around the world. Allview smartphones offer a variety of specs, features with complete technical details in different price ranges. The wide category of Allview smartphones includes the series of Soul, Viper, Young, P Series, Energy and Barphones. Few models from Allview’s smartphones are X4 Soul,  X4 Soul Vision, P9 Energy Gold, Soul X6 Mini, Soul X7 Pro, V4 Viper Pro, A9 Plus, P10 Max and a lot of other models in their huge collection of smartphones. The Allview smartphones compatible with Visual VR are P8 Energy, X3 Soul, P8 Energy PRO, X3 Soul PRO, X1 Xtreme, X1 Xtreme mini, X2 Soul PRO, X2 Soul, X2 Soul mini, V1 Viper S4G.

Tablets and Notebooks

Allview, being the first Romanian company, had launched a tablet PC, called Alldro in 2010 and since then, the DroSeries portfolio containing the Android Operating System has significantly increased. Allview has an amazing collection of tablets and notebooks with diversified and innovative features that also fits right into your budget. Some of the them are Allbook X + SSD 250 GB, Allbook Y + SSD 250 GB, Allbook M + SSD 250 GB, Viva Home, Viva H1002 LTE. Allview has announced its latest notebook, Allbook Q which is the first notebook from its portfolio, equipped with a Snapdragon processor and a Gigabyte LTE connection. With an autonomy of up to 14 hours, a weight of only 1.27 kg and a thickness of 15.1 mm, Allbook Q embraces and combines the advantages of a smartphone and the performances of a laptop. The device is developed on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile platform, with X16 LTE which has 4GB RAM and 2.1 UFS storage of 64GB. 


Allview brings its collection of TVs under 6100 QLED, 6100 ePlay, 6000 and 5000-5500 series. Allview 6100 QLED Series which contains android TVs with HDR, voice control, 4K UHD and borderless design. Allview 6100 ePlay and ALlview 600 series offer android TVs that are available with HDR, HDR 10, voice control and available both in borderless and no borderless designs. Allview 5000-5500 series brings different TV types such as basic, linus and also smart TVs. 


Allview brings VR glasses, accessories Visual 360, smartphone accessories and writing tablets in their collection of accessories. VR glasses come with an aspherical lens for a wider viewing angle without peripheral distortions, included headphones and are compatible with smartphones with a gyroscopic sensor. These are designed to allow heat dissipation. Visual 360 Waterproof cases are made of plastic and contain a sealing system through a rubber seal and the opening and closing system is accomplished by a fixing flap. Accessories Visual 360 also includes Remote control watch style Visual 360, Selfie stick camera visual 360, Frontal support Visual 360, car charger Visual 360, remote control Visual 360 and Visual 360 support camera. Allview also brings smartphone accessories such as protective film for touchscreens, protective cover, tablet pouch and flip covers for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Allview also brings a unique product AllBoard which is a writing and drawing tablet and is an ideal tool with an 8.5” display for nurturing the creative side and also using at the home, office or school. 

Smart Devices

Allview’s range of smart devices include cameras, watches and smart scales. Allview smartwatches are well equipped to sync with the phone through the dedicated app, keep track of the results from 24 different sports, sleep-monitoring, monitor calorie burns due to steps, walking, notify calls, social media, smart home and email. Allview ensures smartcare through its Smart Electronic Scale which comes with an LED display, Wi-Fi connectivity and is well equipped for tracking values such as body fat, body weight without fat,  subcutaneous fat, body moisture, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic rate, body mass index, proteins and metabolic age. The revolutionary system for smart homes includes dozens of sensors, a smart mirror, and a talk-back camera called Allview SmartCam. This device functions as a central unit and the sensors can be controlled through a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch through the designated Android app.

Portable Speakers

The portable speaker from Allview, V-Bass is a hands-free device and can be connected to phones through Bluetooth. These speakers facilitate making calls, playing tunes and getting desired sound quality keeping your hands free for other activities. 

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  1. What is Allview’s industry?

Answer: Allview is in the industry with its consumer electronics and consumer goods. Allview offers smartphones, tablets, notebooks, accessories, smart devices and portable speakers with multiple models and specifications. 

  1. How do the warranties work?

Answer: The products have worldwide warranty. Products sold through Allview Site have 24 months warranty unless specified otherwise. As for accessories such as battery charger, headset, covers, they carry a 6 months warranty.

  1. What is Allview’s official website?

Answer: Allview’s official website is

  1. Are Allview products available in Bangladesh?

Answer: Allview products are available in Bangladesh, specially Allview’s smartphone collection is widely known and also available in the market.

  1. Are Allview products budget-friendly?

Answer: Allview products come with a diversified range with distinctive specifications and features in each device and product. These products are very inexpensive and budget-friendly and create a great combination of the latest technology and affordability.