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What are memory cards? 

In today’s time, we all love to capture moments. Through our phones or cameras. We just love to gather memories in a form of data. And for that, we might need a memory card. So basically a memory card is an electronic data storage device that is used in order to store digital information typically using flash memory. It is a small device no bigger than our thumbnail. Memory is also called a memory cartridge. So you can consider a memory card as storing digital media such as photos, videos, music, movies, games, documentaries, programs, etc. In photography, memory cards are commonly used in digital cameras around all over the world. 

In today’s time memory cards is a must. You can check out our website where you will be able to find a lot of memory cards in variations of sizes, spaces, and prices as well. Go take a look at them before buying from other websites. 

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What are the uses/purpose of memory cards? 

All memory cards do essentially the same thing. Which is to store data. Memory cards came in various shapes and sizes. As I already mentioned, memory cards play a vital role in our new-age technology. Without a memory card, you won’t be able to save anything on your mobile phone. This tiny chip can do wonders. And it is mostly used on mobile and in a digital camera. You can save a lot of things with the help of this. So it has a vital role to play in the data management of your phone or your camera as well. 

I am mentioning some points why should get a memory card for yourself- 

  • Memory cards are very much portable-  we all know it is a tiny little chip. So it has been portable, light weighted as well as low power. The best part is it does not produce any kind of noise at work and allows more immediate work access. They are small, light, and compact as well alone with high storage capacity.   
  • Memory cards are reliable- memory cards do not have and moving parts, unlike a hard drive. So it is very reliable. Also, they can be easily marked on their coverage to reflect the organization. Also, they are not affected by other magnetic fields, unlike tape.  
  • Memory cards maintain the stability of data- memory cards have the ability to stabilize the data. You can count memory cards as a solid support system for your data. They are free from all of the mechanical problems or damage as well. They also required no energy whatsoever. 
  • Memory cards come in a lot of sizes- as we all know by now memory cards are meant to store data. So it has to do with some storage thing. On our website, you will be able to find a lot of sizes of memory cards. But the most selled one is 128gb sd cards. This one has a relatively larger storage space. You can use this more than one device slot because they are easily removable. 
  • Memory cards are versatile- A memory card the ability to work in various devices for example cama, a computer, or your mobile phone as well. The best part is they are very much easy to put on and take off as well. 
  • Memory cards are meant for data storage/backups- the invasion for memory cards is to store data. As well as you can also backup data. This is also an important work. If you are working with a company, you have to save the information. If you do not you might lose the job, losing money from the company as well as can lose your valuable clients or customers as well. In order to avoid any type of crucial situation, you must have backups through a memory card. It is very important.  
  • Memory cards consume very little power- In the back of your mind, you have to have a clear idea of how much power it will take if you buy it. In that case memory cards consume very little power which obviously makes them an attractive choice for common people. It takes literally nothing from the device and also it is small, light weighted, removable, and rewritable as well. 

In today’s generation, we have a lot to save. Whether it is our work-related data or personal ones. We need to have a good-quality memory card. You can go to our website and see the huge amount of variety we have to offer in terms of sizes and prices. Get one for yourself now! 


Types of memory card available on our website 

The variation and uses of memory cards are literally in everything. Whether it’s a camera or mobile phone every type of equipment and gadgets need memory cards. There are a lot of types of memory cards out there. But the big issue with memory cards is that you have to select the best one for the particular use or application in your mind. On our website you will find some commonly used and good quality ones. They are- 

  • SD memory card- this particular one is considered as the basic format of memory cards. The common as well as standard SD card SD card has dimensions of 32 mm by 24 mm by 2.1 mm. Apart from this a storage capacity which is up to 4 GB. 
  • MicroSD memory card- as the name mentioned this particular type SD card is much more smaller than the basic SD card. The main purpose of them is for portable equipment like mobile phones.    
  • Compact flash card- this particular one is a bit larger than usual SD cards used to be. Not only large in size but it also has mory connections. The uses of them are not as common as SD cards. They have much larger capacities and some can run at very high speed as well. They are world widely used by professional photographers.  
  • Micro SDHC- we do provide micro SDHC. They are basically the new version of micro SD ones. They can easily have up to 32 GB of data and do have a transfer rate which is up to 10 mb per second. 
  • Micro SDXC- this particular card has a really faster data transfer speed compared to other ones. But the storage is the same as SDHC. 32 GB. 


Other than them we also have a lot of options for you. To avail them do pay a visit to our site site. We also have a reasonable price range. 


From where to buy best quality memory cards- 

Memory cards are really important in order to store our data. In professional work and personal work as well, we all do need at least one, in fact, more than that memory card. In order to buy it online, you can not trust any random site. But our website is one of the largest ones in BD. 

We also know the need of memory cards depends from person to person. That is why we make sure to have every type of memory card. We check our site in case you are interested in buying one. All you have to do is just choose from our various ranges, seal your deal, place an order now. Happy shopping.