Best Bluetooth Headphones at a Reasonable Price

What are bluetooth/wireless headphones?

As the name suggests a wireless headphone is a headphone that is wireless of course. Also, these kinds of headphones are connected to a device such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic devices without using a wire or cable. It basically works by connecting or pairing with your desired device through a radio or infrared signal. Check bluetooth headphone price in BD

The purpose of the headphone 

The purpose of the head[hpne is to concentrate a quiet and private sound in the east of the listener. no doubt headphones are the repressor of music history in terms of the inflection point. we won’t be lying if we say that headphones are the reason why we called or considered the anti-social generation. But I think people have always had private thoughts. We choose the headphones over anything because it has the quality to make one beautiful song or music just like our thoughts. it will make our thoughts converted into a piece of music.  

It’s not just that headphones crave privacy out of public spaces. It is also that music causes us to re;ax and reflect and pause. In moments of extreme focus, our attention beams outwards, towards the problem, rather than inwards, towards the insights. not only normal headphones nowadays people are more attracted towards wireless headphones for obvious reasons. wired headphones are problematic because wires are always tied up also if there is any leakage it will cause you a bad sound quality. This is why people are way more interested in wireless headphones rather than wired ones. 

hence this is the reason why people of our generation choose headphones at a very high range. 

In today’s busy world we can make an invisible fence around us by using a headphone. also, it will work as the processor of our own thoughts and mindset, and feelings as well. It helps us make space, creating separation, helping us listen to ourselves more than ever., the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, has a huge collection of wireless headphones for its customers. You can find the best quality wired and wireless headphones online in Bangladesh from 

Types of wireless headphones-

Wireless headphones do have set the bar very much higher in terms of the world of audio technology. People whoever use headphones face this one problem which is the habit of being tangled all the time. Wireless headphones do not have this particular problem clearly. This kind of headphones is not only famous for their untangled habit but also known for their high-tech qualities as well. Wireless headphones come in three different types. They are……


  • Bluetooth Headphones– we can consider Bluetooth headphones among the newest addition to the family of wireless headphones. They are not very expensive. You will be able to find them at a pretty good and reasonable price at Hence the quality of them will also be pretty good. Also, you can divide bluetooth headphones into 2 categories which you have to keep in mind if you are interested to buy one. They are.. 
  1. In-ear headphones
  2. On-ear headphones
  3. Over-ear headphones
  • Infrared Headphones- This kind of headphones can be a little tricky. Because they need a clear line of sight from the headphone itself to the transmitter. In short, you can not experience or rather enjoy your wireless headphones if the transmitter is a little distant. Also, the range of these headphones is not too much. Most of them only work within a 10-meter og range. Which is pretty poor i must say. 
  • UHF Headphones- The full form of UHF is “Ultra High Frequency” This type of headphones allows you to access from a large or i would say bigger range of sound than infrared headphones. This also means it can be used in order to listen to music without any hesitation or creating any unnecessary issues. these type as well comes handy and also at a budget-friendly cost as well. The best part of this headphone is that it consumes a very less amount of power. Also, it automatically sleeps if there is no sound whatsoever. Basically, it sleeps within 3 minutes also it automatically wakes up once it detects sound.  


Lastly, I wanna add that when we heard wireless headphones it might be intimidating at first glance but when we thought about the hassle that wired headphones being alone with them we felt nothing but blessed. So no doubt wireless headphones are way more handy and reasonable as well. But at the end of the day, you are spending your hard-earned money so make sure you visit our site with time and then take any decision. 


Why you must have a headphone/ the importance of headphones

Mostly our teachers or adults are using their phones without any sorts of music or songs. They always tell us to put our headphones away during class or at a dinner table, and some of them do not let us have them at all.

In terms of the working and learning process, a good quality headphone is a must I believe. Even when you are not working or in school, headphones can be used for fun, like listening to music or watching YouTube videos.

According to research, it is proved that headphones are distracting while taking tests, but can be helpful while studying.  For people who are not in school anymore, their boss might not even let them have their phone on them especially with headphones. 

A very important factor that draws people to headphones, especially teens, is the music that can be provided for only their ears to hear. To teenagers, music is everything. headphones actually help them to express their feelings properly without even saying it out loud. It is not the headphones that we crave, it is the feeling of not being alone that we all crave more. 

headphones are commonly used by teenagers not only for listening to music but also in order to watch Youtube videos, Netflix when they are in a noisy place. 

So, for the people that do not think that headphones are important or useful in any way, those are the reasons why our youth value these tiny little cords that provide them the exact tune that they desire to hear.

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