With the arrival of winter in nature, the light cold has begun to fall. And in this winter season, generally, children become sick. However, if you take special care of the children at this time without worrying, your baby will be healthy even in winter.

In winter, children are affected by fever, sore throats, colds, coughs, and pneumonia. Children should be kept away from cold air and dust. Since these diseases are transmitted in winter, it is better not to take children in public places. Due to the dry and dusty weather in winter, children are mainly affected by these diseases. So parents need to be a little more aware at this time.

Symptoms of Various Winter Infections Among the Babies

Most winter infections have strong symptoms, which makes them easier to identify. If your child has an infection, you will notice the following symptoms –

  • Your baby may have trouble breathing, he or she may have shortness of breath and shortness of breath,
  • Swelling of the lungs as a result of a respiratory infection can cause chest pain,
  • The baby has a severe cough and may vomit,
  • There may be noises after coughing and breathing while sleeping,
  • May cause headache, runny nose, fever, cough,
  • The baby can always feel tired.

Steps for Baby’s Care

Drinking Hot Water

Children should drink and use light lukewarm water. After waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, washing your hands and face, eating, and using light lukewarm water for various activities of the children, at this time the children will be much free from the problem of cold. The baby should be bathed regularly even in winter. However, it is better to use light hot water at a temperature close to the body during bathing. However, in the case of a newborn or a child with a cold problem, the whole body can be wiped by soaking a cloth in hot water.

Wear Warm Clothes

Children must wear woolen clothes. However, according to the doctor, it is not right for children to wear woolen clothes directly, as it can cause allergies in children. She should wear cotton clothes and wool. Care should be taken that the dress is made of a soft cloth. However, in mild winters, children’s warm clothing should not be too warm. Because if you wear too many warm clothes, the baby may get cold by sweating in the heat.

Baby’s Skin Care

Children’s skin is much more sensitive than adults. So their skin becomes much rougher. Use baby oil, baby lotion, glycerin, etc. on the baby’s face and all over the body.

What to Do If a Child Gets Sick in Winter

Many times the disease cannot be prevented even after taking the utmost care. If your child becomes ill during the winter, you must take him to a pediatrician and have him examined. If it is a common cold or flu, you can give him home-made saline solution or nasal drops to get rid of the stuffy nose. This will help him to breathe properly, which will make him feel better.

Make sure your baby is hydrated. If he can make soup or drink, feed him appropriately to keep his desired taste and body fluids at an appropriate level. It is also important to love your baby and take other precautions to spend time with him. Many times, the presence of protection and comfort helps the body fight infection on its own. However, if the signs and symptoms of the infection start to get worse, contact your child’s doctor immediately.

If this is your baby’s first winter, you are bound to be worried, But you can take care of him and protect him before taking preventive measures. Maintain proper hygiene in your home and keep your baby’s room warm. This way your baby’s winter can be safely passed.